Review: Help! I think I Might Be Fabulous!

A brilliant take on a confessional drag show

cabaret review (edinburgh) | Read in About 2 minutes
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Alfie Ordinary
Photo by Kate Pardey
Published 11 Aug 2019

Help! I think I might Be Fabulous is the first full Fringe hour from drag prince Alfie Ordinary. Son of a drag queen, this royal lineage continues on in fashion. An hour of songs, puppetry, glitter and comedy, he's happy to show you why he is so fabulous. It doesn't take long for the crowd to warm to Alfie. With a sizeable following already, new crowds are quickly brought up to speed. Kickstarting the show is a piano rendition of 'YMCA', sung to Alfie's fictitious schoolmate John in a meeting with the school's counsellor.

In this recounting of Alfie's formative years, the world is a queer utopia. Coming-of-age is hardest on muggle-born classmates like John, who have to hide the sequin uniforms from mum and dad at home. Next is the school-wide assembly rendition of 'I Am What I Am'. Alfie is there to support John through this difficult time, encouraging everyone to be their most fabulous.

Joined on stage by Whitney Houston and Bette Midler, Alfie is never far from a tune or a change of outfit. He has a gentle stage presence and natural charisma that is guaranteed to win you over, wearing his heart on his sequinned sleeve.