Michael Griffiths: Songs by Kylie

A fun tribute to pop music's princess tells a story through song

cabaret review (edinburgh) | Read in About 2 minutes
Published 03 Aug 2018
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Michael Griffiths as Kylie

In 1986, a relatively unknown child actor was cast on an Australian soap. A year later, 20 million British people and one in 10 Aussies watched her character's wedding. The young actor went on to become an international pop star, and cabaret artist Michael Griffiths is one of her biggest fans.

His Kylie tribute isn't just a collection of songs, though. It's part biography, part gig and tells the story of Kylie's life chronologically, beginning with her work on Neighbours and ending with a toast to her incredible 31 year career. The show undoubtedly appeals to those who know her as well as Griffiths does, and the story gives those less familiar with her work something to follow.

Griffiths alternates brief, first-person narration with Kylie's greatest hits. Using thought and care, he links moments from her life with specific songs, providing them with a wider context. 'Can't Get You Out of My Head' is paired with her learning of her ex-boyfriend Michael Hutchence's death, right before a gig in London at G-A-Y. This structure gives the show a journey, with the songs lending emotional life to historical facts.

The narrative is simple, but Griffiths is a charismatic performer and doesn't rely on drag to jazz up his personification. It's just him in simple, male clothing on a plain stage. His energy, and infectious enthusiasm combine with his fantastic voice and a story to make this not just a cabaret, but also a dynamic piece of theatre.