Review: Briefs: Close Encounters

Boylesque with a political bite.

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Published 07 Aug 2018
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Briefs: Close Encounters

Strap yourself in for the most sexcellent boylesque. Briefs have come from the future on a spaceship to let us know that in their time things are better than the mess we currently find ourselves in. People respect that absolutely everyone is "magnificent, fragile and important", and they're here to spread that love with us. There's Star Trek references, glitzy astronauts and the most talented performers you'll see on the Fringe. 

The #TimesUp motif is cleverely woven throughout. An Alice in Wonderland-esque bunny hops around the stage finding ringing alarm clocks at various interludes. He's sparkly and so are the clocks but there is a real political drive behind Close Encounters. Briefs want to change the world with their art, and the world's largest arts festival seems like the perfect place to do it.  

In true boylesque fashion, the costumes are out of this world, if you'll pardon the pun. Everything is bejewelled, glittery, peacock-feathered, and leaves little to the imagination. In fact the show is visually stunning in every way; the sets are covered in neon lights, and the choreography is just spectacular. The acrobatic and dance skills on display are literally breathtaking, particularly the aerial hoop scene. 

Love, dance and scantily clad Australians – what more could you want in a show? Also, you should definitely enter the raffle because the prize is a good 'un. As in, you cannot imagine how jealous you'll be of the winner. Maybe enter a few times just to up your odds.