Review: Bubble Show For Adults Only

BDSM plus bubbles

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Bubble Show for Adults Only
Published 10 Aug 2019

Watching Lulia Benze and Kurt Murray may lead to temporary sensory overload. Revelling in the seedy and grubby, Bubble Laboratory's Bubble Show for Adults Only is part physical theatre and part bubble artistry.

The show aims at an audience willing to watch a BDSM fetish-infused kids show. More than street performance on stage, Murray and Benze use their blend of bubbles and physicality to trample through the lifespan of a relationship. It's kinky, hypersexual eroticism mixed with an absurd and childish form. 

Death masks, babies and wearing engagement rings show a more telling side of the performers' relationship. And they never shy away from any harsh realities. These are performers who showcase the technical prowess of bubble art, even when mixing it with the grotesque.

True, some bubble tricks don't work and the hits are as regular as the misses. However, there is always another trick on the horizon. The pair drive the show at breakneck speed, only slowing down to grab a wincing audience member to take part in this orgy bubble show hybrid. 

In this environment, there are limitations for the form. But the right jaunty audience will have fun with the late-night Fringe vibe. There's nothing else like it, unless there is another pair of hypersexual hornies running around with bubble guns somewhere.