Review: Exposing Edith

Reliving the iconic French star Edith Piaf's career and love life through musical cabaret

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Exposing Edith
Published 16 Aug 2019

A musical journey through the extraordinary career of the late great Edith Piaf, Exposing Edith is a multi-award winning cabaret show by Michaela Burger. A beautiful tribute to the legend, Exposing Edith chronicles Piaf's wild life both on and off stage. It's held together by a terrific central performance by Burger who has the skill to not only portray Piaf, but her inner circle of confidants. 

It's no easy thing to sing as the legendary French artist, yet Burger has the vocals to do so. It is safe to say that this is a special show for Burger who was affectionally nicknamed the little sparrow of Australia, after her idol Piaf, the original little sparrow. Piaf was a larger-than-life figure who has, till this day, devoted fans around the world.

To tell Piaf's story, Burger isn't afraid to use the most rich and uplifting parts as well as the most devastating moments of Piaf's life. It is a heartwarming performance that offers a unique take on Piaf's famous songs and life story. These stories that have become legendary among fans. Newcomers will be won over by Burger’s talent as well as Piaf lasting legacy as a true original.

Not to be forgotten is Greg Wain, the underscoring guitar player who helps reimagine songs like 'La Vie en Rose' into acoustic ballads. Where Exposing Edith succeeds is in capturing the spirit of the French superstar. Audiences will learn to appreciate Piaf and learn to love Burger.