Review: Yummy

Drag cabaret showcase thats more buffet cart than fine dining

cabaret review (edinburgh) | Read in About 2 minutes
Published 14 Aug 2018
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It is a strange thing to be bored with this many gorgeous nearly-naked people on stage doing impressive high kicks. Yummy has all the ingredients: the looks are banging, the soundtrack is popping and the dames are skilled. But in a Fringe full of subversive and awe-inspiring cabaret, the legs and the rhinestones are not enough to make this show stand out.

Karen from Finance is an uncharismatic MC who neglects to introduce our performers until the curtain call. Despite surely having one of the best drag names out there, her persona is bland and she's curiously ineffective as the show proceeds without cohesion.

There are moments when it all gets wonderfully surreal and dark. Jandruze’s sandwich-making routine, dragging giant foam pieces of bread across the stage in a manner which is both erotic and mildly threatening, is a club land classic. It’s queer and weird and out there. 

Yet, largely it’s all a bit old-fashioned – uncoordinated group numbers, a Vanessa Carlton lip sync that goes nowhere, a go-go-style I Dream of Jeannie hula hoop routine. Even a bit of latex-esque pony play to electronic lesbian anthem ‘Feed the Horse’ feels flat. If you are checking your watch whilst glamorous children of the night are fellating a carrot less than a metre away, you know this serving has missed the sweet spot.