Adrienne Truscott's A One Trick Pony!

comedy review | Read in About 2 minutes
Published 09 Aug 2015

Adrienne Truscott's 2013 Fringe show, Asking For It, which she performed naked and which tackled the ugly rise in rape jokes, propelled her into a buzz of acclaim, criticism and vicious internet trolling. And that experience has rippled into her latest show, a mix of performance art and comedy, as she clenches a sparkler between her legs and "blows up" her vagina.

Arriving on stage with a dress swinging from a hanger around her neck and spitting out a pair of huge plastic lips, she does the splits while swigging a can of Fosters. She cuts through the labels she's been given with a dangerous smile and breezy attitude, showing us her 'one-trick pony' (a great visual gag) while ripping into every sneering judgement lurking behind such language.

But while Truscott is great, the material here is thin – more like an extended coda to her last show than comprising a new one. It relies heavily on her charisma to keep things going. But that doesn't stop what she's doing from being funny. Her crudeness is deliberate and politically loaded. 

Playing the audience like a friendly enemy, Truscott challenges us to try to bracket her as she talks about abortion, reclaiming "sucks dick" as a positive phrase and her glee at the idea of downing a "cumshot". Her punchlines hang like questions. There's no fixed ground, no performative resting place, as she uses her body to ask: why does this matter so much to you?