Don't F*ck with Me Gweilo: Stories from a World Citizen

comedy review | Read in About 2 minutes
Published 13 Aug 2015

It's quite a feat to be politically thought-provoking without being preachy. Even more impressive to do so in an entertaining and funny way. Dana Alexander pulls off this trick with an easy-going and assured show that clocks up more air miles than Richard Branson, highlighting our global cultural differences and common struggles with a light touch. The only prop involved is a trio of film montages. They work superbly on their own, illustrating without hammering too hard the points that she is making.

It's hard-hitting stuff, but Alexander is articulate and intelligent, strong and confident, softening the truth she delivers with informed and resonating punchlines. There's a worldly wisdom in Alexander's manner. She claims a handful of different "origins", as well having lived as an immigrant in England for five years. This, combined with her travels around the world means she enjoys an outsider's perspective. That's not unique among comics – a profession of wanderers. But it is her acceptance (bar a little gentle ribbing) of everything except intolerance that allows her to tackle some of the bigger international political issues of the day without losing her audience.

There are some enjoyable personal notes, which give glimpses of her own story and serve as a reminder of individual social privilege. She's liberal and embracing, but no pushover.