Richard Gadd: Waiting For Gaddot

comedy review | Read in About 2 minutes
Published 12 Aug 2015

It's a brave move to be late for your own show. But if you've going to do it, do it in in style. The odyssey of Richard Gadd's journey to Waiting For Gaddot involves a comedy star-studded cast, real-time multimedia, and props as this increasingly desperate, half-mangled man sacrifices all in his bid to arrive to "make people laugh".

It is an ambitious, immersive show, with the fourth wall broken and discarded from the off. Ben Target nervously informs us that he is just the tech and Gadd will be here shortly. It's a masterclass in crisis management, eliciting bouts of shrill, nervous laughter from the audience, though we're mainly hooked wondering what might happen next during the cross-platform madness. It's a clear and unapologetic showcase for future TV work. There is a thrill to the live element, with Target manfully holding the fort, Ed Aczel and Ian Smith making their own unexpected appearances, and even a young kilted violinist. This is joined by social media correspondence, texts, calls, and FaceTime, all keeping Gadd centre stage in the face of his persistent physical absence. 

Everyone involved in Waiting For Gaddot is talented, but with so much grabbing for attention simultaneously and unrelentingly, the whole rigmorale can be a bit overwhelming. That being said, the show is technically tight (for the most part), adeptly staged, and the 'event show' feel makes for an ultimately impressive production.