Matt Forde: A Show Hastily Written in Light of Recent Events - Again!

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Matt Forde
Published 12 Aug 2017

The right and left are brought in for mild bashings in this satirical standup show, although the comedy stays mostly in the middle of the road. Forde, host of Dave’s topical comedy show Unspun and presenter of his own podcast The Political Party, is an excellent mimic. He brings out a very bumbly Boris Johnson, a jolly-raging Nicola Sturgeon and a metal-loving Ed Miliband (he’s been sitting in for Jeremy Vine on his Radio 2 show recently, Forde explains).

Presumably conscious of how hard to swallow his pro-Blair stance has been for some in the past, he’s added a bit about Tony dodging questions on war crimes. Saving the best for last, his manbaby impression of Donald Trump gets the most laughs. The man once poetically described as "a mangled apricot hellbeast" by Scottish people on Twitter is imagined here, in a cream puff after not being invited to a children’s party. Leadership problems within UKIP and the DUP (“more UVF than IVF”) all get a pasting here too.

Funny as much of it is, it’s all very measured, and seems to pull its punches when it comes to big, belly laugh punchlines. Attempts at audience banter fall flat once or twice too, but the lukewarm bits are carried along by Forde’s smooth style.