Fringe SOS: Butt Kapinski

Butt Kapinski lays down the law on why you need to stay fresh and hydrated throughout the ordeal that is the Fringe

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Butt Kapinski
Published 21 Aug 2017

"Let me be your Jewish mother in case you don't have one, or in case you want a different one. Fringers, your health is the most important thing! Flyering without a coat on? Staying out late straining your voice above bar din? Would you describe your diet as 'fried beige'? Turn that self-care up to SERIOUS, friends.

"You can buy pre-washed watercress at Sainsbury's for £2.00 and munch it on the go like the sexy rabbit you are. You can stroll through Queen's Park and remember green and sky and cliffs and perspective. You can always drink more water. Ride this roller coaster; don't let it ride you. You are a precious resource and we need you fully operational. Plus, you'll feel nice about yourself later if you do something nice for yourself now. Take a nap. Juice tastes good. Hamstrings like stretches. Inhale. Exhale. It will all be over so, so soon."