Bilal Zafar: Biscuit

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Bilal Zafar: Biscuit
Published 16 Aug 2017

As he notes towards the end of the show, we as human beings, tend to focus on our differences rather than what we have in common, which is more than we often think. Sharing stories is one of the ways to get to know each other and is what Zafar is effective at.

Biscuit is predominately a show in which Zafar decides to get married. He hasn't even got a girlfriend, but his brother has just got married and his mum's dropping text hints.

Last year in his Best Newcomer nominated debut show Cakes he tackled the bigots on social media. This year's show has a nod to the kind of nonsense he has received in the past in one of the responses to his anti-Brexit views, however in the main it's a more gentle affair poking fun at the ridiculous nature of online dating particularly when you're a Muslim and your degree was from the worst rated Uni in 2012. But it serves too as a warm homage to his folks and their successful marriage introduced to each other via that age-old marriage bureau, their parents.

There may not be huge laughs here but Zafar's show is an amusing trawl through the etiquette of Muslim dating, flagging up some of the more daft conversations he's had; Zafar is a personable performer with whom it's a pleasure to spend an hour with.

Plus there are biscuits, Jammy Dodgers in fact just like at his brother's wedding and you don't get a much better biscuit than that.