Foil, Arms and Hogg: Oink

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Foil, Arms and Hogg
Published 19 Aug 2017

If you want a plain and simply funny show you can't go wrong with this. It's like a 'how to' guide in sketch comedy. The Irish boys have it nailed. It's no surprise that they've graduated to a prime evening slot in the big purple cow – though their heavy YouTube presence helps with the numbers too.

Despite the big venue, the camaraderie and general mucking about between the three creates an atmosphere of cosiness and intimacy; there's plenty of giggling as they make each other laugh almost as much as they do the audience – and that's a lot. Plus there's an enjoyably silly running gag about how they have to keep explaining the jokes to a poor sap they've picked out in the front row. So relaxed is the move that it's unclear until the close of the show whether it's an ad lib or pre-planned.

There are so many punchlines to each sketch that they have to have a cymbal on stage to hit to indicate the end. The opening skit set advertising an album for confused old people just keeps delivering, as does the following one set in a balaclava boutique thinking of more and more ridiculous places to wear the full-faced hat.

The skits are impeccably performed too. Hogg's robot actor in a scene where a "flesh" actor has to act alongside a mechanical one is a particular delight that has the audience chortling even when the focus of the sketch isn't on him.