Peter and Bambi Heaven: When Love Becomes Magic

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Peter & Bambi Heaven
Published 19 Aug 2017

Dancing magician Peter Heaven (played by Australian comedian Asher Treleaven) has done an excellent job of back combing his glossy wig before tonight’s performance, and pins it neatly, yet stylishly, in place with a couple of hairgrips on either side. He’d like to point out early on that he and his girlfriend/magician’s assistant Bambi did not meet in a strip bar, as many gossips have claimed. Actually they met at a personal development forum.

The bejewelled duo have themed their magic act around their deep love for one another – and watching it rot and fester as they mince and lunge through various camp routines is excellent fun. Bambi, played by performance artist and burlesque dancer Gypsy Wood, is a wild thing, much to her boyfriend’s embarrassment. She likes to strip for the crowd whenever Peter’s back is turned, causing arguments as he shouts at her for “taking them out again” and behaving like a “loose unit”.

The Las Vegas glitz and glamour quickly fades off their act, descending into bickering, then live spewing and angry revenge pissing onstage before long. All the while they are prancing through high energy Siegfried and Roy tribute routines, a "sexy diablo" display and a sassy cowgirl flasher turn where Bambi’s chewing gum gets stretched out and used as a skipping rope. A very lovable double act, soundtracked by Pat Benatar and George Michael, and played with simmering rage always just peeking out from beneath the shimmering Lycra bodysocks.