Review: Phil Nichol – Your Wronger

Phil Nichol explores the line between miracle and coincidence

comedy review (edinburgh) | Read in About 2 minutes
Published 06 Aug 2018
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Phil Nicol

Phil Nichol is a passionate man when it comes to debate. He begins his latest show, Your Wronger, with an enthused outburst at the logic of Flat Earthers. The show that follows is an exploration of the pitfalls of religion and an homage to the most significant people in his life since childhood. From Toronto to Melbourne to London, Your Wronger takes the audience all over the world.

At this point in the run, it’s sometimes quite a challenge to follow what’s happening in the narrative. Nichol’s storytelling is loud and in your face, but not unfriendly. He jumps from story to story, with the buzzing energy of a person who adores being in front of a crowd. It’s very helpful, therefore, that the show is chronologically structured.

Nichol weaves a story of co-occurrence and synchronicity, standing as a counter-argument to the Brethren church he was raised in. His point, it seems, is that things one might take as being miraculous can actually be explained far more easily in terms of probability. This, however, is sometimes confusing. It’s unclear at times whether the comic is championing the unpredictable coincidences of life, or perhaps alluding to the fact that things do occasionally fall into place suspiciously neatly.

Nonetheless, Nichol’s narratives are enjoyable to listen to; his side remarks are cheeky and his demeanour humble. He crams a lot of material in over the hour, and with a bit of refining it’s probable that things will start to click into place.