Review: Róisín and Chiara: Get Nupty

Róisín and Chiara are tackling the big questions, and getting even bigger laughs doing it

comedy review (edinburgh) | Read in About 2 minutes
Published 10 Aug 2019
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Roisin and Chiara

Imagine the most embarrassingly middle-class, try-hard, drama-school graduate sketch show you possibly can. Now cast that image from your mind, because Róisín and Chiara’s latest hour, Get Nupty, is the complete opposite of what you may have feared. This energetic duo are satirising the very archetype you might imagine them to be, and it’s a dynamic whirlwind of an experience.

Róisín and Chiara are trying to define what love is. It’s a broad question to ask, what is love?, and so it’s unsurprising that their quest for the answer takes them, quite literally, all over the place. Undertaking this gargantuan task involves the portrayal of a wide range of characters (some human, some not) and examining their personal relationships. This is loud, physical comedy. Neither performer is ever still – every move, every facial expression, is a notable, bold movement. 

They are visibly having a huge amount of fun, but Get Nupty doesn’t ever feel self-indulgent or as though the audience are being left out of some inside joke. In fact, the interaction is well managed, keeping us on our toes but never being overbearing or intrusive. Róisín and Chiara use the entire room’s space. They skip past seats and naturally draw each audience member into their ridiculous world.