Review: Seymour Mace Gets Sucked Off By God

Seymour Mace knows how you're going to die – do you dare find out?

comedy review (edinburgh) | Read in About 2 minutes
Published 08 Aug 2018
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Seymour Mace

Seymour Mace barges onto stage to deafening music and multi-coloured strobe lights. He’s dressed in a lab coat, long pleated skirt, white curly wig and blacked out goggles. It’s important to have a really impressive beginning to the show, he informs his crowd.

Seymour Mace Gets Sucked Off By God is a showcase of some of the strangest theatrical comedy you could see at the Fringe. He layers concept upon concept whilst retaining his straight-forward working class cynicism.

Mace presents a battle of positives and negatives – is it more important to ask ourselves how are we each going to die, or how we are going to live? Judging by the amount of time spent discussing the former, it becomes clear that the comic is naturally inclined to focus on the darker side of things.

By flipping from surreal character comedy to tales of depression and loneliness, the pace is constantly changing. It becomes impossible to take off your eyes of him, never knowing when the next turn will be and where it will take the performance.

The most entertaining factor of the show is Seymour’s fantastic use of puppetry. He takes a simple sock or children’s puppet and gives it expression and serious attitude. He takes cliché and makes it his own. This isn’t just puppetry, it’s a love story full of heartbreak.