Review: Sindhu Vee – Sandhog

Sindhu Vee might be not reinventing stand up, but she nicely reinterprets it

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Sindhu Vee
Published 05 Aug 2018

In covering marriage, kids, aging parents and domestic life, Sindhu Vee isn't doing anything new. She is however doing it so perfectly and with such a deep darkness hidden behind an award winning smile that you can't help but be carried away. Having been married for twenty years she feels a right to vent, and that she does – about the waning of a love affair, about the difficulty of child rearing and the overall nightmare that are human relationships. She barely takes a breath, and her style evokes classic American stand ups who have honed their craft over years and are able to turn it to any subject for big laughs.

Where Vee does differ though is with her caustic wit that twinkles under the surface and jumps out at the most surprising of times. Calling at one point upon her Indian upbringing and her mother's use of her own death as a deterent for bad behaviour, she admits this is something she has managed to pass on to her kids. A delicious win, in her warped view. Never missing a beat she leaps into the next routine with the guile of a seasoned veteran, not allowing the audience to wallow in their moral outrage. It's an endearing hour from a woman breaking down rules of politeness and saying what we might truly feel about our spouses or offspring in the back of our mind, but not might not be brave enough to say it.