Fringe SOS: Otto & Astrid

The festivals are many things. But mostly they are an exercise in survival. How is it possible to get to the end of August intact? Exclusively in Fest, Otto & Astrid from Die Roten Punkte divulge their survival strategy

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Otto & Astrid
Published 05 Aug 2017

Otto: I do pilates everyday and I like to eat as many bananas I can for energy. My record is 44 bananas in one day. It’s also good to drink well and stay hydrated.

Astrid: I stay hydrated with vodka. Also just before I go on stage I eat three sausages and two cakes.

Otto: I make sure that after the show I get at least eight hours of sleep to be ready for the next day.

Astrid: After the show, I drink beers with new friends from the audience. Then we find a kebab shop and eat lots of deep fried things. Edinburgh is heaven.