The Edinburgh Festival Fridge #1: George Egg

What's going on at the Fridge?

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Published 04 Aug 2019
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George Egg's Freezer

My fridge is a bit boring so I’ve bent the rules and taken a photo of my freezer instead. There’s a bag of vac-packed tubes of rhubarb (for cooking sous-vide in an engine expansion tank), a pile of marinating chicken breasts (which will be cooked on the exhaust manifold of a 38 horse power engine) and half a dozen large mackerel ready for filleting and blowtorching with a flame thrower (one of those ones they use for getting the road-markings off). If you want to see what all that’s about you’ll have to come and see/taste my show! There’s also a lovely Cumberland sausage that I bought on the way up from the excellent Tebay Services, and a guilty pleasure – some cheese stuffed bung-in-the-oven chillis for those late-back-after-a-show-and-can’t-be-bothered-to-cook evenings.