Perfect Day #3

It's overwhelming trying to decide what to see. So let Fest decide for you. It's okay, we know what we're talking about.

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Published 14 Aug 2018
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John Hegley

John Hegley: Morning Wordship

Pleasance Courtyard 

10:30am – 11:15am

With his unmatched creativity and endless imagination, John Hegley fills his show to the brim with clever stories, songs, and puns. Silly fun with an emotional core, Wordship will impress kids and adults alike. It will put you at ease. What better way to start the day than that?

Ting Thai Caravan

8 Teviot Pl


Totally affordable, incredibly tasty and more than a little exciting, Ting Thai Caravan is in many ways the perfect lunch spot. Get down early for a seat at the canteen-style benches and pore over a Thai menu with more variety and quality than you can shake a chopstick at.

South Bend 

Gilded Balloon at the The Museum

3pm – 4pm

Beautifully crafted set design, gorgeous soundscapes, and excellent performances make South Bend a standout. Telling the story of a man who flies to California to be reunited with the woman he loves, only to find out things have changed, the play is at once hilarious and tragic. A bittersweet treat.

Jacqueline Novak: How Embarrassing for Her 

Pleasance Courtyard 

5:45pm – 6:45pm

The smartest hour of standup you’ll see at this year’s Fringe about blowjobs. Weaving her personal history into her show, Jacqueline Novak celebrates femininity with humour and candour. Her set is relatable, cohesive, and deceptively highbrow. This is the New Yorker’s first Fringe, and hopefully not her last.

 Little Death Club 

Underbelly’s Circus Hub on the Meadows

8pm – 9pm

Hosted by the wickedly funny Bernie Dieter, Little Death Club is funny, outrageous, and wonderfully inappropriate. It’s a glorious mix of cabaret and circus, with each act upending expectations. One moment you’ll be in awe of a fire-breather, and the next you’ll be laughing along with drag legend Myra DuBois. This one’s unmissable.



5 Hunter Sq, 49 Forrest Rd 


Their locations are great: just off the Royal Mile, and on the edge of the Meadows. The vibe is great: all fly-postered walls and marble statues. Above all else, the pizza at Civerinos is great: sourdough bases, brilliant toppings, and big enough to fuel even the most ill-advised of schedules.