Perfect Day #5

Can't decide what to see? We know what's good, so let us plan a perfect day at the Fringe for you.

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The Story Beast
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Published 18 Aug 2018


103-105 West Bow


Bright and breezy, Hula does a great line in fresh fruit juices with exotic and outrageous blends that you never would have considered, as well as great coffee and healthy food. 


The Vanishing Man

Pleasance Courtyard

2:10pm – 3:10pm

Blurring the line between theatre and magic show, Simon Evans and David Aula’s play tells the story of the greatest magic trick ever performed. With spellbinding illusions and a touching story, plus a healthy dose of audience participation, The Vanishing Man will charm and amaze.


Skin a Cat

Assembly Rooms

4:10pm – 5:40pm

Isley Lynn’s play about a woman with a psychosomatic condition that prevents her from having penetrative sex may not sound like fun, but turns out it’s a hoot! Excruciatingly funny and heartbreakingly relatable, Skin a Cat is a candid recount of a sexual odyssey. 



130 George St


Middle Eastern mezze are the order of the day at BABA, parked at the Book Festival end of George Street. A highly shareable menu packed with tasty Levantine dishes make this an ideal post-show pit stop.


Gingzilla: Glamonster vs the World

Assembly George Square Theatre

8pm – 9pm

In her first solo show at the Edinburgh Fringe, seven-foot ginger drag queen Gingzilla leaves quite the mark. With an aesthetic that recalls classic 1950s monster movies like Godzilla and King Kong, the show is an exhilarating look at gender equality and feminism.


The Story Beast: This Is Bardcore


10:40pm – 11:40pm

A surreal blend of comedy, music, and poetry, This Is Bardcore is a folk horror show about the end of the world. Talking about an impending Armageddon with boundless energy and cheerfulness, John Henry Falle’s return to the Fringe is absurd and brilliant.