The Edinburgh Festival Fridge #3: Reuben Kaye

What's on at the Fridge?

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Published 09 Aug 2019
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Reuben Kaye's Fridge

Now this may look like the fridge of a paranoid crack addict with tin foil over his head so the voices stop. But in fact it is the fridge of an international cabaret star and part-time hood ornament under the influence of prescription meds and delusions of grandeur. A man whose self esteem rests at a notch above Kafka’s. A man who’s ready for anything and yet... nothing at all.

I’d show you my freezer but the £3k a month rent I’m paying in my AirBnB doesn’t include a freezer. Or running water. I have resorted to showering in my reviews and the love of the people of Edinburgh. I wouldn’t say I’m clean but I’m happy. 

You can donate non-perishables at my venue Assembly Checkpoint. People with good cocaine and the ability to make french pastry please come to the front. As should anyone with the contact details of the Argentinian Men’s Water Polo Team.