The Edinburgh Festival Fridge #4: Matt Winning

What's on at the Fridge?

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Published 13 Aug 2019
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Matt Winning's Fridge

Top Shelf: Leftovers. There's a veggie pasta there. A feta salad. 30 per cent of all food worldwide is wasted causing ridiculous amounts of unnecessary greenhouse gases. So a real solid start and on brand for my climate change show. Four stars.

Middle Shelf: A real busy one this. A single onion, cheese, lettuce, orange juice. No real coherence. Absolute mayhem. Irn-Bru saves it though. Three stars.

Bottom and drawers: Here we have both soya and almond milk. Grapes to stay healthy. Then lots of fresh vegetables below. Mushrooms. Tomatoes. A solid finish. Should be four stars but since it's Fest it'll get three.