Comedy Club 4 Kids

Ruari Black, age 11

kids review | Read in About 2 minutes
Published 09 Aug 2013

Comedy Club 4 Kids was really cool as it is different standup comedians all in one show.

Howard Read was really funny and he made my Mum cry with laughter. I loved when he talked about younger brothers and sisters – my little sister didn't laugh so much then. Howard played the ukulele and sang some very funny songs, I especially liked the "lullaby" about MONSTERS, bats and bed bugs.

Bec and Tom were next and they told lots of jokes about a big pile of laundry. Bec had an amazing story book that had a backing track to it. She moved the mouths of the people, figures and dinosaurs because the story was about them. It was so clever. I wish I could see it again. 

James was the guy who introduced the other acts and filled in between them too. He worked really well with the audience and was really good at making funny comments and stories about things. He got the audience to help him to write a letter to his mum and dad and said he would actually post it to them. I hope it doesn't actually get to them because it made him sound crazy. 

If you don't have much time to see lots of shows, go to this one and see 3 acts in one!