Annabelle's Skirting Board Adventure

Lauren, aged nine, loves the tale of Annabelle, the smallest elephant in the world

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Published 08 Aug 2015

What happens in the show?

Arthur is locked outside his house but inside is Annabelle, the world's smallest elephant, who has to make her way to the door handle to let him in.

Describe the show in five words

Hilarious family comedy for everyone.

Who was your favourite character and why?

The moth, because he was hilarious and distracted by woolly jumpers.

Were there any characters you didn’t like?

The grasshopper was a bit weird.

What did you like most about the show?

Where Arthur thinks he's locked out even when he isn't –  but then makes things worse.

What didn’t you like about the show?

The music was really loud when the trumpet was playing, but I have sensitive ears.

What did you think of the songs?

We couldn't get the songs out of our heads – but in a good way.

What did your grown-up think of the show?

Mum really enjoyed it too. And so did Katie, my cousin, and she is 16.

Would you tell your friends to come and see the show?

Yes. It says it is for three-to-sex year olds but I thought it was for four-to-seven years olds. I'm nine and I enjoyed it too. Mum really liked it and she is 39.