Colourful Games

A thoughtfully well considered show for young children

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Colourful Games
Published 04 Aug 2016

Lithuanian company Dansema Dance Theatre specialise in making interactive theatre for very young audiences. Colourful Games, a 40-minute performance and circus games workshop for children aged 0-3, allows little ones to play, crawl, run, roll and—most importantly—dance.

Performer Agne Ramanauskaite and choreographer Birute Baneviciute welcome audiences into the clutter-free space and encourage the smallest children to sit on the floor. Four structural poles are positioned in the corners of the stage, the only thing parents need watch out for. When the house lights come up, toddlers are given free rein to take over the stage. Ramanauskait? performs various light circus and clowning acts, such as ribbon twirling and mime, as the children play with hoops, inflatables and foam balls.

This is a well-considered show for young children, allowing them to explore movement and experience both new and familiar textures. It’s relaxed enough so that parents can submit to overly curious kids but also organised enough that there aren’t any risks of injury or confusion. The floor space is only really suitable for 15 or so kids – any more than that and it starts to become a little hectic (though the most adventurous toddlers won’t necessarily have any problem).

A sense of story is created through the evolution of objects that kids can pick up and try out as well as a mix of catchy horn music. Dansema have toured this show across Europe and perfected its tone and timing along the way.