Future Perfect

Lauren Hunter, aged 10, thinks this emotional time-travel story is a bit like circle-time at school, and there's nothing wrong with that

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Future Perfect
Published 07 Aug 2016

What happens in the show?

A boy called Dominic wishes he could make up with his friend Joe, who he'd made fun of. 

Describe the show in five words

Enjoyable and thoughtful time-travel story

Who was your favourite character and why? 

I liked the Time Agent as he was a bit like the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland, but less mad. The boy who played Dominic was also a really good actor. 

Were there any characters you didn’t like? 

Not really, the two actors were playing different aged versions of the same nice characters most of the time.

What did you like most about the show? 

The thought that was put into it. It is a well-written story. It has deep emotion but it stays very neat. 

What didn’t you like about the show? 

Sometimes it was a little bit like "circle time" at school, where we all take it turns to answer a question like, "what did you do in your holidays?". But then, there is nothing wrong with circle time. 

What did you think of the songs? 

There were no songs. They did well with only a few sound effects. And the props—a hat and time-turning device—were well made.

What did your grown-up think of the show? 

My dad thought it was pleasant and lovely.

Would you tell your friends to come and see the show? 

I'd tell people who are interested in time travel or who like books and stories to go, and other people who aren't interested in that stuff should give it a chance.