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Published 10 Aug 2016

Not everything that goes bump in the night has sinister intent. For Clinky (Claire Cogan), the noise can be a gust of wind rapping on the roof tiles or the gentle thud of her own heart. In this pay-what-you-decide Dr Seuss-style nursery rhyme, Clinky overcomes her own fears of the dark so that she may finally get some sleep.

That involves fighting witches, bats and dinosaurs before realising they are all figments of her imagination. With every thump, Clinky explores old chests of drawers and cupboards to see what potential ghoul may be lurking within. What’s worse than any night-time nasty, of course, is our own scariest guess. Kids are taken on a mini-mission around Clinky’s bedroom to see that there’s really nothing to fear after all.

Dressed in baggy pyjamas and comfy slippers, Cogan’s clownish costume is apt for this show, full of exaggerated facial expressions and giddy sound effects. There are some light moments of audience interaction for kids but this is largely a short, sleepy show for ages three to eight. There’s nothing particularly unique or engaging for youngsters here, but interludes of slapstick by Cogan entertain as well as assuage any darker moments.

Original music by Jonathan Todd—full of whoops and knocks—helps relax audiences into the performance. A narrator regularly interrupts to ask Clinky questions, a technique many kids will recognise from children’s TV. There’s nothing to challenge little ones or involve them in the story more regularly, but kids will still warm to this familiar environment.