A Strange New Space

Eve Green, aged eight, finds humour amid the sadness in this tale of a girl who must leave her home behind her

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A Strange New Space
Published 04 Aug 2017

What happens in the show?

A girl who is a refugee has to go to another country without her parents and she feels a bit sad and lonely. She dreams she is in space and she meets a little alien puppet to play with and she asks the alien if he knows where her house is and how to get back home.  The alien shows her a picture of her house but says no, but they become friends at the end. 

Describe the show in five words

Sad, excellent, funny, imaginative, creative.

Who was your favourite character and why? 

The girl because she was very imaginative.


What did you like most about the show? 

I liked the start when she played with a bottle she pretended was a telescope.

What didn’t you like about the show?

It was really sad but it was a good story. 

What did your grown-up think of the show? 

"The children enjoyed the funny bits but it was a bit difficult to follow the story. The actor worked extremely hard to tell a story without words using only mime and puppets. Sometimes the storytelling could have been clearer."  

Would you tell your friends to come and see it? 

Yes, I would.