The Giant Jam Sandwich

Seòras Coxon, aged five, finds this show about a battle with a bunch of wasps very tasty indeed

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The Giant Jam Sandwich
Published 09 Aug 2017

What happens in the show?

The people sing a song called 'Thump It, Bump It, Bang It About', and go "shooo, shooo, shooo". There's a baker and a man that's dressed like a pirate. There's a lady that's dressed as a farmer. They live in a town. One hundred million wasps come to that town and they kill them with a giant jam sandwich.

Describe the show in five words

Loud, colourful, bright, long, tuneful.

Who was your favourite character and why? 

The man dressed like a pirate – because he was dressed up like a pirate and his voice was funny (Mum says this man is the town mayor).

Were there any characters you didn’t like? 

The wasps and I didn’t like them because I didn’t like their stings.

What did you like most about the show? 

Trapping the wasps was the best bit. I loved that the birds would have picked up the whole sandwich and dropped it in the sea.


What didn’t you like?

I did not like the wasps being killed but I liked them being trapped.


What did you think of the music?

They were like a band of hyenas – funniest and great!

What did your grown-up think of the show? 

My mum liked the bits where we all got to join in and sing or shout. Her favourite characters were definitely the wasps as they were really funny and there were bits that she laughed at. She said that it was a great show version of the book. (My brother who's three also really liked the show – it was his first ever show and it wasn’t too scary for him, just good fun.)

Would you tell your friends to come and see it? 

Yes I would.