The Dark Room for Kids

Lauren Hunter, aged 11, thought she'd be scared at this kids' version of the hit game show, but ended up in stitches

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The Dark Room for Kids
Published 09 Aug 2017

What happens in the show?

"You find yourself in a dark, dark room!" Audience members are given options to try and escape, like you would in a video game, but can anyone succeed? Or will everyone just die, die, die?
Describe the show in five words

Very, very, very, very dark.
Who was your favourite character and why? 

John Robertson made the whole thing flow perfectly. When I heard about the show I knew it was comedy, but I was expecting it to be scary with a few laughs – but it turned out to be much funnier than it was scary. 
What did you like most about the show? 

Disruptive things, because John could always use it to his advantage. When people came in late and opened the door the show could have been ruined by the light (because then the room wasn't dark) – but John made it hilarious. 
What didn’t you like about the show?

The projector could have been better but I think that was to do with the room. 
What did you think of the music?
The intro music was the famous song, 'They're Coming to Take me Away, Ha-Haaa!' I don't know if I love or hate this song! But I can see why John chose it. 
What did your grown-up think of the show? 

My mum enjoyed it but I didn't understand why she wouldn't put her hand up when he asked all of the parents in the room to put their hands up. She says she didn't want to be told what to do!
Would you tell your friends to come and see the show?

Yes. But not if they are afraid of the dark.