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The Handlebards
Published 03 Aug 2015

The Handlebards: Secret Shakespeare

Bedlam Theatre, 18-19 & 25-26 Aug, 5:00pm

An introduction to Shakespeare like no other on this three-hour, five-mile cycling tour of the city. The four-strong, all-male troupe play all the parts to a mystery Shakespeare play performed–with a great deal of silliness–at a mystery location. Bikes provided for kids and grown-ups of all sizes.


Pleasance Courtyard, 5-23 Aug (not 12, 17), 10:00am

The Princess and the Pea story, set in a Scottish castle and told by two actors using puppetry and music. Sign language is integrated throughout – including signing from the puppets themselves – making this the ultimate inclusive kids show for audiences both hearing and deaf. Ages 3-7.

Get Your Own Back: Live!

Gilded Balloon, 5-31 Aug (not 6, 20), 4:30pm

This live version of the long-running TV gameshow offers an irresistible combination of gunge for the kids and nostalgia for the parents who remember it from their own childhoods. The incorrigibly enthusiastic Dave Benson Phillips is at the helm, still overseeing the slapstick fun after all these years.

The Biggest Marionette Circus in the World

Momentum Venues @ St Stephens, 5-30 Aug, 11:00am

Circuses aren’t allowed to tour with wild animals these days, but Poland's Theatre Klinika Lalek have found a brilliant alternative: life-sized lion, giraffe and elephant puppets that inspire all the excitement of the real thing, but without the poo and animal rights abuses. They even sing too.

Abigoliah's GoPro Comedy Talk Show!

Laughing Horse @ The Free Sisters, 6-30 Aug (not 19), 12:45pm

So, here’s the thing. If you’re precious about your precious, probably don’t look at what Abigoliah’s ‘adult’ show is about. If you’re not, and are content to go along with the NYC-native’s penchant for anarchism, then there is likely riotous fun afoot. For over 6s. 

Funz and Gamez Tooz

Assembly George Square Gardens, 6-31 Aug (not 25), 3:20pm

The prequel to this show won the Edinburgh Comedy Award Panel Prize and was splashed all over the ‘serious’ comedy press. Treading the line between a children’s show (interactive games, a man dressed as an elf) and definitely not a children’s show (resentful divorcee, alcoholism) Phil Ellis’s creation has kids rolling in the aisles. For over 5s.

Annabelle’s Skirting Board Adventure

Just the Tonic at The Community Project, 6-30 Aug (not 18), 11:30am

A new show from Howard Read (creator of the popular CBBC show, Little Howard) and Steve Pretty (of the Hackney Colliery Band – also performing at the Fringe), Annabelle’s story is theatre for a generation of digital natives. No less than six cameras mean live theatre, puppetry and animation are yoked together in real time. Magic. For ages 3-12.

Anatomy of the Piano (for Beginners)

Summerhall, 6-30 Aug (not 17, 24), 10:00am

It’s almost certain that Will Pickvance has inspired hundreds of adults to get tinkling the ivories. He’s directed his enthusiasm, charm and charisma towards children this year, with a tale of his own childhood and a journey through Bach, Beethoven and Fats Waller. He has a new grown ups’ show, too, FYI. For over 6s.