A Storm in a D Cup

The struggles of growing up in small town Australia, presented by a performer who's outgrown her material

theatre review | Read in About 2 minutes
Published 12 Aug 2015

When Amelia Ryan sings about how perfect life could have been with the ex who dumped her, it is one of the few moments in her performance when she is honest, frail and outright impressive.

A Storm in a D Cup is an autobiographical show about all the challenges the Australian has faced. The problem is, it hardly ever feels sincere. Her 'I'm such a clumsy girl'-act, with mismatching socks and inside out T-shirt, grows tired within the first minute. On stage is a seasoned performer and a great singer in her thirties, who claims not to know how a mic stand works. Frankly, it's uncomfortable to watch.

This foolishness overshadows her talent: Ryan's stories are strong, the jokes are funny and she knows how to get a message across in a song. She made this show when she was younger, writing lyrics on existing melodies and catering for a younger audience who might be impressed by the struggles of someone who stumbles through her teens and early twenties. But she has clearly outgrown her material and it's evident she can do more than she gives away.

She wrote another show, with original music, as a sequel to this one. It's a shame she chose not to perform her newest material – if she didn't hide behind the silly girl character, Ryan could well be sensational.