Tonight on Blind Date...

Tim Bano goes on a blind date with actress Bojana Novakovic. They talk about her improvised show The Blind Date Project. It goes pretty well

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Bojana Novakovic's Blind Date Project
Published 20 Jul 2016

Um. Yeah. I don't usually do this sort of thing. So… like, what kind of things do you like? 

Well I’ve always been a performer. When I was 10 I thought in order to fix the world you have to be famous so that people will listen to you. The way to get famous is to be a princess, and the way to be a princess is to marry a prince, and how do you marry a prince? When I was 10 I watched a documentary about Grace Kelly and was like, 'oh you become an actress'. So I took up acting.

If this date doesn’t go well, are you still set on marrying a prince?

Well, there’s Prince Harry. But I don’t think I’m his type.

You’d have to be ready for press scrutiny.

That’s fine with me. He’s a cool prince. He’d let me still do my Blind Date show.

What Blind Date show?

So I was doing a show with my friend Tanya. I was feeling pangs of stage fright because I hadn’t been on stage for two and a half years. To get over it I thought, 'Let’s make an improvised show to perform in front of friends in a karaoke bar. And what about if it’s a blind date, and I have a different guy every night?' And now we've performed in festivals in Australia and the States. 

Do you know who the date will be each night?

No, it’s literally a blind date.

And how much do they know about it?

They have a meeting with the director. We create characters and all we know of each other are our online dating profiles.

Is your profile the same for every show?

It’s always different. Her name is always Ana. But last week I played a psychic, the week before I played a math teacher. And an Uber driver.

So what are some of the most memorable dates you’ve had?

I can’t name names, but one guy sucked my feet. It was so weird.

Jesus. Did you say anything afterwards?

No, because he got so drunk during the show he wanted to make out afterwards.

Any really good ones?

Yeah, Margot Robbie played a hockey wife who was trying to have a lesbian affair and leave her husband. There have been some really magical moments.

Apart from performing, what are some of your interests?

I ride a motorcycle – a Harley. But I’m saving up for an Indian and I’m going to go cross country. I do a lot of photography – I went to Nepal because I started this project there to rebuild eight schools, and I took a lot of photos. A gallery in LA saw them and did an exhibit. What about you? What are you into?

Me? Nah you don't want to hear about me.