Perhaps Perhaps Quizás

Charming and emotionally connected one-woman show from top Mexican clown

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Perhaps Perhaps Quizás
Published 17 Aug 2017

Gabriela Muñoz is a very special performer. She steps into a world of lace, chintz and discarded paper dressed like the soulful counterpart to Helena Bonham-Carter's Queen of Hearts, and proceeds over the next 55 minutes to win ours. The show is advertised as an hour, and the elements of improvisation between Muñoz and her audience may be what cause the running time to fluctuate. I spend a significant portion of the show with my head wrapped in loo-roll, creasing over with laughter and trying to assist Muñoz's character Greta to create her perfect wedding, whilst observing through a small breathing hole. At other times my unobstructed eyes fill with tears, mirroring the wetness welling in the expressive brown pools of Muñoz's eyes on stage.

The charm of a small child creating a fantasy world and wordlessly manouvering us into our parts has added poignancy when enacted by a full-grown woman, and this sadder quality is acknowledged through wry smiles and shrugs that communicate both resignation and hope amid the humour. As Greta chooses herself a husband, there is also a perverse enjoyment to be had in watching a man subjected to objectification and not-quite-comfortable advances by a woman—inverse to more common occurences—which verges on dark clown territory.

Awkwardly executed music cues jar against the delightful visual qualities of the show and there are moments when it is hard to know exactly where the story is going or what is wanted from us, but we are always with her and rooting for her – and highly recommending a visit.