Agent November Escape Game: Major X Ploe-Shun

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You are the hero in this ingenious escape game! Crack the Major's riddles, beat the clock and defuse the device before it's too late! Adelaide needs you! An Agent November mystery, now bigger and better than before. You must work together as part of a crime fighting team to save the day. An agent will be on hand to help where possible, but this is YOUR adventure. Will you succeed? 'Agent November' is a Fringe smash hit! Reviews for previous shows include: ★★★★ "The ideal mix of puzzles, immersive drama and tongue-in-cheek humour" Broadway Baby, 2017. "Some wonderful touches that bring it to life. Keep an eye out for it at future Fringes" 10/10 Immersophenia, 2018. Agent November has won four consecutive TripAdvisor Certificates of Excellence.

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