Chekhov at the Pub

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Directed by Andrew Jefferis. Short plays and Monologues: silly, cruel and inspirational. Russian insults at their best. Black Cat Theatre is fully charged with old and new faces to perform these short pieces that helped build the 'Chekhov empire' across the globe.This came at a time when the Moscow Art Theatre was inventing the new 'science' of training actors. Chekhov despaired of his 'comic vaudevilles' but the audiences loved them. Stanislavski seized his plays and made him famous beyond belief. For decades this material has been used by aspiring performers to audition for new roles. Brimming with characters, meet young Nina, Popova, Lomov, Natalya and old Svetlovidov. Pub offer: Buy a full meal, show your ticket for a free wine or beer. Join us for a shot of classic Russian. Na zdrowie.

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Kings Head Hotel
  • 20:00, Tue 05 Mar 2019 (Price: $15.0)
  • 20:00, Wed 06 Mar 2019 (Price: $20.0)
  • 20:00, Thu 07 Mar 2019 (Price: $20.0)
  • 20:00, Tue 12 Mar 2019 (Price: $15.0)
  • 20:00, Wed 13 Mar 2019 (Price: $20.0)
  • 20:00, Thu 14 Mar 2019 (Price: $20.0)