Satisfaction play the Hits of The Rolling Stones

No more showings

Satisfaction the Stones have been selling out shows for over 20 years .This eight member band reproduces the music of the Rolling Stones to near perfection and deliver their act with an energy that few live bands can match. Lead singer Marty Jagger not only sings like Jagger but he moves like him as well ! Leanne Noll not only does back up vocals but also delivers an amazing version of 'Beast of Burden' by Bette Midler and Mr Jagger. On lead guitar and backing vocals is Lenny Rose, on drums Paul "Charlie" Sharman who uses the same style Grestch kit and cymbals as Mr Watts, on piano is Rob Vorel , on Saxophone and percussion is James Deslandes, Cos Guglielmucci is MR BASS, and on rythym guitar is Dean Kelley( Flaming Sambuccas). Bring your dancing shoes but first book now!

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