Singalong to the Songs of Scotland and Ireland

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There's no need to go to Dublin or Glasgow for a Singalong when Jim & Alex will help you bring out your Celtic roots here Join in with unique versions of U2, Van, 500 Miles, plus trad songs and see why Singalongs are taking off all over the world. They make you feel great, are good for your mental health and create that community spirit which is being lost in this fast digital age. It's the Borderers 25th anniversary & you'll see why every show this year has been sold out! This Celtic band have performed for the Prime Minister, sang with Tom Jones & Donovan in Denmark and played in front of 750 000 people Their energy onstage excites all age groups and you'll leave their concerts absolutely exhilarated This is the show though where ultimately YOU will be the STARS!!! Don't miss out!

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