With Two Dots

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Zoƫ Sitas is a South African born, Sydney grown stand up comedian with two thirds of a nursing degree. She's seen some sh*t. Literally. 'With Two Dots' is a show about the journey of a young queer, Cypriot/South African/Australian woman figuring it out. Alongside tributes to 80s hit film Flashdance and "incredible character work" (Honi Soit), this hour of stand up brings you some "deeply relatable storytelling" (Theatre Travels) about what it's like to "straddle multiple identities as a South-African-Cypriot, a queer woman, an asthmatic, a nursing student by day and comedian by night (Pulp). "The future of comedy" Edan Lacey, Co-Founder of ITS. "Her unique wavelength, spirited fizz and bang is a refreshing departure from a lot of the stand up we see today" Theatre Travels.

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